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Nike Dallas Football Club

Nike Dallas FC is an elite American football and cheer club for athletes seeking to maximize their level of performance.

Year-Round Training.  Our high school and middle school athletes either attend a university charter school or are home-schooled and thus have the option to train year round.

Top Professional Coaches and Consultants.  Our football coaching staff and position consultants have played and coached in the NFL and XFL and train athletes currently playing in the NFL, XLF, and throughout the college ranks including the Power 5.  Our cheer coaches, choreographers, and consultants have cheered at the major college and elite cheer levels.  

World Class Training Facilities.  Our world class training facility utilizes the velocity-based training and data recording technology of KONGiQ to maximize the athlete's potential strength, speed, leaping ability, flexibility, power and overall athleticism while minimizing injuries. 

Recruiting.  For those wishing to make it to the next level, our football and cheer coaching staffs and consultants have the relationships and experience to help you be recruited at a program that is right for you, whether it be at a Power 5, Division I, II or III school.  Moreover, our KONGiQ technology allows us to create a verified data set that tracks every player's height, weight, times, maxes, and other data over a wide range of performance drills, not just over a season, but over years; giving those college programs reliant on data analytics a previously unheard of amount of quality data.    


* Nike Dallas FC is not an affiliate of, or otherwise owned by, Nike Inc. or its affiliates (“Nike Inc.”), although Nike Inc. may supply us uniform, apparel, or other goods it manufactures and distributes at retail or discounted prices, including for free. The Nike Swoosh logo and other trade marks of Nike Inc. are the exclusive property of Nike Inc. and only are utilized by Nike Dallas FC on uniforms and apparel as any other team supplied by Nike Inc. 




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Charles Thompson

Managing Member

Phone: 214-632-4664